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June 4, 2015

5 tips to enjoy your vacations in Playa del Carmen!

To enjoy your vacation at the beach it’s necessary to plan everything in advance to avoid any surprises. And when you reach Playa, take the following tips to prevent any inconveniences!

1. Sunburn: Apply a sun protector and expose yourself to the sun gradually, example, during the first day it’s not recommended to be in the sun for more than 10 minutes. Remember that the sun’s rays are reflected in the sand and in the sea and remeber that Playa has beautiful white sand beaches! so, pack your powerful sunblock and enjoy the beach being safe!

Sunburned woman at beach

2.Forget about work as much as possible! 

You need to get in your head that you’re on vacation! You were able to get off the hook for a good week or fifteen days, so if you can’t completely neglet work, at least give yourself a schedule to check emails, I would reccoment this to be in the morning! commit yourself to only do it for an hour and if you’re not able to accomplish all of it, then you will have to prioritize and leave some tasks for tomorrow!


3. Don’t eat everything you run into!

When we go on vacation we tend to forget our good eating habits and eat as much as we can! we just gseem to get hungrier, we drink beer, cocktails or soda all day, we want to try all the local foods, when we go back home we have gained a good 10 pounds!  so here is what you do:

a) Eat the same amout of food you eat at home- you can try everything but in small doses.

b) Respect your eating schedules! otherwise you will go very hungry when you go back to reality!


4. Avoid being on your Ipad, computer or cell phone the whole time! 

What’s the point of being on vacation if you are going to spend your whole time on facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram! I mean we get that you want to post pictures of all the neat things you are doing, but give it a little rest, try to upload all your pictures at a certain hour and not throughout the day, don’t ask for the wifi password as soon as you enter a place!

5.  Change your mindset

 If we go on vacation with a different mental attitude (including the fact that you will probably stand in long lines on the road or in restaurants) Playa will become the paradise if you have the openness to adventure; that is, if you maintain the constant thrill to experience each moment as something new, things can be wonderful!


Now are you ready for Playa?

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