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May 20, 2015

Curry Omm- The real Indian Flavor in Playa!

For those not familiar with Indian Cuisine as myself, living in Playa has opened my eyes and palate to so many new things, without leaving my country I have met people from all over the world, learned about their cultures and best of all eaten food from all over.

Last night I was invited to a place I have been hearing about for a while called Curry Omm, all my friends had gone and always said that food was amazing, for me Indian food was new, I had never had it before.

So if Indian food is new to you, here are some useful things to know!

Curry:Curry (/ˈkʌri/, plural curries) is a dish whose origins are in South and Southeast Asian cuisines. The common feature is the incorporation of complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including fresh or dried hot chillies. Some limit the use of the term curry to dishes prepared in a sauce,but curries may be “wet” or “dry”. A curry dish may be spiced with leaves from the curry tree, but many curries do not have this ingredient.

Curry Omm in Playa del Carmen, a passionate Indian Restaurant, offering real Indian culinary excellence with warm and friendly service from the owners.  Their mission is based completely on your enjoyment and satisfaction.

They bring to you cuisine and tastes that your palate will enjoy and remember.

Curry Omm is fully licenced to serve a selection of beers, wines and sprits and if you prefer something traditional then a Mango Lassi or a freshly made Chai with ginger, mint and tea masala.

They offer a wide selection of authentic Indian food from Gujarat with its tasty snacks to start with to Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Masala, Madras or Vindaloo and a good choice for Vegetarians!

Take a look at their Menu!


Veg Samosas; 2 crispy stuffed pastries with Spiced Potatoes & Peas…….50

Lamb Samosas; 2 crispy stuffed pastries with Lamb & Peas…….60

Papadums; 2 crisp lentil wafers served with tasty chutneys…….50

Onion Bhaji; crispy onion strings accompanied with mango/tamarind chutney …….50

Vegetable Pakora; mixed vegetable pieces …….50

Paneer Pakora; pieces of cheese dipped in gram flour mix …….60

Chicken Tikka; marinated in yoghurt, grilled and served with Cilantro chutney …….95

Vegetable curries 

Matter Paneer Masala; cheese and peas in a tomato curry sauce ……150

Paneer Gobi; cheese and cauliflower in a rich creamy  sauce…….150

Vegetable Tikka Masala; mixed vegetable in tikka (tomato & yoghurt) masala   …….135

Mixed Vegetable Curry; selection of mixed vegetable in  a curry sauce …….110

Bombay Aloo; potatoes in medium spiced sauce with onions & tomatoes …….110

Aloo Matter; potatoes & peas, in a dry medium spiced sauce with tomatoes …….110

Chana Choley; garbanzo beans cooked with garlic, ginger & onions in a dry sauce …….110

Dal Makhani;lentils, tempered with cumin & ghee and garnished with cream  …….110

Vegetable Biryani; cumin fried pilau rice layered with mixed vegetables, topped with thin slices of egg and served with Raita, perfect for 2 sharing…….250

Chicken  Curries 

Chicken Tikka Masala; marinated in Tandoori spices and Yoghurt, sautéed with ginger & garlic in a rich creamy tomato salsa  …….175

Butter Chicken; cooked in a butter and cumin base with ginger, garlic & onions in a rich creamy sauce …….175

Chicken Curry; cooked in tomatoes, onions, chilies and Indian Garam Masala …….160

Chicken Madras; cooked in curry sauce tempered with hot dry red chili …….160

Chicken Vindaloo; spicy dish with spices, tomatoes, hot chili, and potatoes …….160

Chicken Biryani; cumin fried pilau rice layered with chicken, topped with thin slices of egg  garnished with fresh cilantro & served with Raita, perfect for 2 sharing…….295


Beef  Curries  

Beef Kofta; meatballs with onions, ginger, garlic, green chili and spices …….160

Beef Kofta Vindaloo; spicy dish, with chilies onions, lime juice and tomatoes …….160

Breads, Rice & Chutney 


Chapatti/Roti; wheat flour flatbread brushed with butter & garlic…….25

Plain Tava Naan; soft bread cooked on a hot plate…….30

Garlic Tava Naan; soft bread cooked on a hot plate with butter & garlic …….30

Pilau Rice;rice cooked with turmeric and salt …….25

Basmati Rice;silky aromatic basmati rice from India…….50

Jerra Basmati Rice;aromatic basmati rice fried  with cumin…….55

Mango Chutney;  fresh mangos in a sweet and spicy salsa…….25

Raita; whipped yoghurt with grated cucumber and fresh herbs …….25

Natural Yoghurt;unsweeten natural whipped yoghurt…….25


Mango Pickle; green mangos pickled in a spicy salsa  …….25

Mixed Pickle Plate; selection of pickles and chutneys…….75



Labank; Pastry with fresh coconut & cardamom, served with ice cream…….50

Rollos de coco y cardamomo se sirve con helado

Gulab Jaman;  Pastry balls in rose water syrup…….50

Bolitas de leche en almibar de rosas


Gajar Halva; Grated carrots cooked in 3 milks with raisins and saffron & swirls of cream…….50

Zanahoria rayada con 3 leches mantequilla pasa y azafran 

Soanpapri; Exotic soft, fibrous flaky chickpea pastry with pistachio nuts (vegan) …….50

Exotico postre de garbanzo  muy suave y ligero con pistache (vegano)

Lemon Pie; Pay de limon …….50

Vanilla Ice Cream;  Helado vainilla …….50


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